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LES DELTA SOUND - FRENCH LIBRARY Lp by VOICES IN LATIN aka J.C. PIERRIC / C. DAURAY / J.C. BOINOT / W. LOCKWOOD / Y. De BLANDINIERES / G. DIAS / T. MONTOYA. Original French pressing on POPULAR DISC / DELTA SOUND label (DS 101), from circa 1969. 1st release of this super-obscure Library series that only had around 5 different titles (i.e. the blue sleeve / yellow / green and red issue). All were micro runs making the series extremely rare. Shades of Dauray's Pop In Pop / Pierric's The Boss Music and William Stanray's Les Sparkles in places with groovy Mod jazz, 'discotheque' style funk / jerk with beats and bossa played with a catchy psychedelic sound. A real period piece... great horn section, fuzz distortions, funky fender basslines, hammond and flute. The Lp also appears on page 143 of the Johnny Trunk book - The Music Library (Graphic Art And Sound). Very rare Library!!! Full track listing: Popular Constitution, Jerky, Octobre, Mintaure, Colorado, New Yew, Milorda, Costa Brava, Prohibition, Voice Of My Piece, Novembre, Enamorada, Angeline, Mirna...

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