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As hip-hop culture leads our ears to explore yet more choice selections from the discos of yesteryear, Hi & Fly have naturally headed towards a territory as yet unexplored and uncharted by their series of compilations, namely the realm of French jazz-funk.

So, bearing in mind that there are many amongst you who tinker with samplers and drum machines, those fanatical diggers amongst you whose ears remain in a state of perpetual research for the perfect loop or drum hit, we have compiled a selection of our tastiest franco-jazz-funk nuggets to be used and abused at will.

Multifunctional and serving the sound system controller, rapper, and mixtape-ologists equally, the breakbeat will always be the most loyal and trusted friend of the dj and producer alike…

Track Listing:

1 : Bing Ding Disco- M. Peyratout / J.C Pierric
2 : Oh Flash Disco- G. Perrin
3 : Hot Bacallo- P. Lattuca / J.C Pierric
4 : Jackot- Y. Lattuca / J.C Pierric
5 : Squaw Love- J.M Herve
6 : The Bass Work- L. Dixon / J.C Pierric
7 : Hory’s Bar- S. Planchon / J.C Pierric
8 : Straight- M. Gaucher / J.C Pierric
9 : Rivage Azure- V. Laitinen / J.C Pierric
10 : Devil Green- G. Carpentier
11 : World is staring- P. Ardan / J.C Pierric
12 : Kawa Fraise- N. Mirol
13 : Bayango- D. Janin J.C Pierric
14 : Like Before - Y. Lattuca / J.C Pierric
15 : Punta Rasa - C. Brisset
16 : Mirame Bien - P. Lattuca / J.C Pierric
17 : Tresse en Colére- C. Thirifays
18 : Gloriosita- Y. Lattuca
19 : Simba- Y. Lattuca
20 : Baladina - P. Lattuca / J.C Pierric


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