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Ella B. Gibson and Her Hammond Organ
ABA 3378, France, 197?

Every now and than I dig up an album that I don't know but somehow I feel it's going to be great. Something I've never seen or heard of before. A discovery. A chest thumping moment of glory in a poor digger's life.
Well, this is such a record.

Never heard of Ella, never heard of ABA. Do I really need another hammond LP?
Back of the record lists tracks with titles like Organ Speed Nice and Stainless Steel. Oh, and what's that ? All tracks credited to J.C. Pierric ?? Ah - to relive that moment - it's like a digger's satori. I knew !

Pierric often teamed up with ex-musical director of L'Olympia, Daniel Janin. They both were on the Les Tréteaux label - churning out tracks of silly grooves (and some deep mean and nasty ones, too) on a seemingly infinite number of comps which were memorably shitty if not for the two instrumental cuts provided by the duo... Also on Les Tréteaux is a classic Euro groove 4 tracker called Eddy Driver à l'Orgue Hammond - which is generally considered to be Janin's doing. So this Pierric was no light-weight and I gladly split with my 1 Euro to take this home.

Well, the album certainly delivered. What I got for my money (ha!) is a set of tracks that cover some ground. The Eddy Driver sound is not far off (actually, I think Pierric's role on that LP has been underestimated by most) and on another track he manages to sound like a leisurely Brian Dee on Amphonic...

It's finds like this that keeps me motivated !


Face A

1 : Organe speed nice
2 : Country rock
3 : Fret dressing kit
4 : Ares in septembre
5 : Glap for spring
6 : Plaisir partagé

Face B

1 : Disco walk
2 : Wonder wonderfull
3 : Ballade en 7 majeur
4 : Stainless steel
5 : Full love darling
7 : Little big chief

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