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OK frenchattackers, here’s the first try of the crew to let you (re)discover one of the mythical label from France. Despite his image of totally cheesy wax and cheap car boot stuff, Les Tréteaux is mostly linked to the name of two great musicians from this country: Daniel Janin & Jean Claude Pierric. They provide a majority of the production in the label, some are totally excellent, best of the best from France in the seventies, some are totally awful orchestra shit. That’s the funny side of this label: up and down are overexagereted. Good side of this label is you can find it in big quantities in the flea markets, it’s probably the best price /quality rate of the french records, usually euro bin and the equivalent of MFP label in England or stuff like Percy Faith in USA in term of availability.

This serie has always the same “structure”: plenty of cheesy remake of pop hits, like the cavallero one, with always pretty bad vocals. The main difference that really save your sell is that you find one instrumental track (called, on the LP track listing, “Version Orchestrale”) at the end of each side, almost always produced by Daniel Janin and Jean Claude Pierric. And lot of these are superb orchestral jazz funk, already used by some hip hop cats such as the Beatnuts.

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